Noons for Now

January 26: Imagining Healthcare Alternatives in Ottawa: Community-Oriented Solutions focused on Environmental Justice

This week’s Noons for Now, a collaboration between  ReImagine Ottawa and Carleton Climate Commons, is a discussion about the planned expansion of the Ottawa Civic Hospital into the Experimental Farm.  We will imagine alternatives to the planned mega-hospital and discuss both the possibilities and challenges presented by a community-centered approach to healthcare in the city. How can we craft health infrastructure for an environmentally just future? Noons for Now, a weekly series on climate related topics, features:

  • Dr. Barry Bruce, Ottawa physician and former Chief of Staff at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital and proponent of smaller more efficient hospitals
  • Deb Chapman, environmental activist and seasoned communications strategist
  • Suit Sur, Associate Professor in Sustainable Management at the Sprott School of Business and the Carleton Sustainable Energy Centre

When: 12-1PM

Where: Carleton University, Tory Building, Room 210

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