Rally for Local Democracy

Join us for a Rally for Local Democracy on October 29 at 5 pm at Queen Juliana Park.  Details at JoelHardin.ca

This week we hit a new low at Ottawa City Hall. Our mayor shut off the microphone when Councillor Diane Deans was asking the city clerk to rule on whether the mayor was out of order in ruling that a “replacement motion” would be substituted for a motion on the floor that called for a public inquiry into the LRT fiasco. Sadly, that replacement motion was passed — it will not be as transparent or have as much power to investigate actions of the mayor and council members.

This week Council also passed the Master Plan for the new Civic Hospital on the Experimental Farm, a location that was, again, a replacement for the recommended site.

And then there is the Tewin land deal that soldiers on despite the objections of Algonquin communities.

And do you recall the Integrity Commissioner issuing a long report documenting inappropriate relationships with developers on the part of Jan Harder, the Chair of the Planning Committee?

It’s long overdue that we strongly object to the way our mayor and council operate.

Valerie Swinton for ReImagine Ottawa