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October 28th, 2021 UPCOMING EVENTS Tomorrow at 5 p.m: Join Joel Harden’s Rally for DemocracyJoel is determined to continue to fight for a change of site for the Civic Hospital site. Location: Queen…

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Posted February 18th, 2022

SYC Ottawa is the Ottawa chapter of a youth-based club promoting environmental and energy sustainability in Canada. This year their main priority has been against the proposed construction of the New Civic Hospital, at the Central Experimental Farm, a National Historic Site in the center of Ottawa. Here is their call to action.
Posted February 18th, 2022

Please tell Planning Committee members not to approve the garage plan until the City’s Accessibility Advisory Committee has provided feedback and a decision is made by the Minister of the Environment on an Environmental Impact Assessment. Planning Committee contacts HERE.

Add your voice to save 53 acres this National Historic Site and 13 more that include Queen Juliana Park.
It’s easy and effective! Here’s a list of who to call and what to say.
Posted January 24th, 2022

Canada’s Central Experimental Farm is under threat. Forty acres of this National Historic Site have been appropriated for a hospital site. An adjacent 13 acres, including a commemorative park, have also been taken. No hospital needs this much land. No hospital should cut down a forest. Urban greenspace is essential to human health and well-being. We must act to stop the deforestation of our cities.
Posted January 24th, 2022

Clive Doucet, is a Canadian writer who served as an Ottawa City Councillor. He came out of retirement to save a National Historic Site, the Central Experimental Farm, from development. In this video, Doucet explains how the privatization of this national historic site offers a good example of why we’re living in a climate crisis.
Posted January 21st, 2022

Carolyn Landry and Grace Pezoulas are Grade 11 students in Ottawa. A haunting rendition of Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell’s environmental anthem, written more than 50 years ago was performed by these 2 students in Ottawa’s National Historic Central Experimental Farm. Sadly, this space may disappear, it seems we continue to make the same mistakes today.
Posted January 19th, 2022

Posted January 19th, 2022

Ottawa born and raised Bruce Cockburn, a Canadian music icon and recipient of the Order of Canada and many music awards, speaks out about the hospital development at the Central Experimental Farm.
Posted January 7th, 2022

Emily Liu, is a Grade 11 student and Director of Sustainable Youth Canada (SYC) – Ottawa. Liu’s message addresses why we need to save the Central Experimental Farm and Queen Juliana Park.
Posted January 1, 2022

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