Lansdowne 2.1 Archive

In 2008, several developers formed the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) based on a promise of a CFL franchise for Ottawa if a stadium were built. OSEG & the City formed a partnership, signed a single-source contract and City Council approved a project now referred to as Landsdowne 1.0, one that gave OSEG preferential terms. 

Lansdowne 1.0 proved to be a financial failure. Lansdowne 2.0 with three massive residential towers is designed to make it profitable. With some debt still outstanding from 1.0 and new financial commitments to 2.0, the total is around $500 million. In addition to debt and the potential tax burden on citizens, there are a number of other issues: traffic, transparency, affordable housing, and substantial loss of greenspace among them. 

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Lansdowne 2.1 Fact Sheet

Letter to Councillors from 3 Community Associations

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